Top 10 Causes of Tooth Discoloration and Staining

tooth discoloration causes

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered “Why are my teeth yellow?”. Well, you’re not alone. Tooth discoloration and stains are very common. The worst part is that your teeth lose their whiteness gradually and when you notice it, the discoloration has already settled in.

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But what exactly makes your teeth yellow? In this article, we’ll list to 10 causes of tooth discoloration and staining.

1. Smoking

Smoking is the most common reason for yellow teeth. All kinds of tobacco products cause teeth to lose their natural whiteness and create nasty brown stains. Smoking also is one of the most common reasons for bad breath.

2. Certain Foods

Quite a few foods are responsible for yellow and stained teeth. You know, your mom was right when she said that too much candy does you no good and damages your teeth. However, natural foods like potatoes, apples and berries can stain your teeth too. If you have a diet that’s high in sugars and carbs, then you risk having yellow teeth.

3. Drinks

Can drinks leave stains on your teeth? You bet! Coffee, tea, Coke and other drinks loaded with sugar stain your teeth and create the perfect environment for damaging bacteria. Red wine is a well-known culprit too.

4. Poor Dental Hygiene

Neglecting brishing, flossing and rinsing your teeth properly can cause yellow teeth because the bacteria won’t be thoroughly removed.

5. Medications

Certain medications, such as antibiotics and antihistamines, can cause severe tooth discoloration. Doxycycline and tetracycline can darken teeth for children under 8 years old. Some high blood pressure medications and antipsychotic drugs can stain adult teeth so make sure you talk to your doctor about all the potential side effects before you start taking any new meds.

6. Illness

Diseases that affect tooth enamel strength can also make your teeth go yellow. In addition to that, treatment for some illnesses can cause tooth discoloration. For example, head and neck radiation can change the color of your teeth.

7. Aging

If you leave yellow teeth untreated and neglect proper tooth hygiene, your teeth will get yellow as you age. True, age-related tooth discoloration is inevitable but taking care of your teeth will help to slow down or even reverse the process.

8. Genetics

Let’s face it, some people’s enamel isjust whiter, stronger and brighter than other’s. It’s possible that you’ve inherited teeth that stain quicker.

9. Trauma

Trauma can affect enamel development in children and cause yellow teeth in the future. It can also cause discoloration in adult teeth.

10. Environment

Excessive fluoride either from environmental sources (for example, fluoride in drinking tap water) or from excessive use of fluoride applications, rinses, toothpaste, etc. can cause teeth discoloration. Excessive use of over-the-counter teeth whitening products can also damage your enamel and cause teeth discoloration.