Learn How to Whiten Your Teeth in a Helathy Way

white teeth

Why teeth become yellow

Getting a healthy white smile starts with understanding why teeth turn yellow.

Tooth discoloration happens for two reasons: enamel thinning and the formation of stains. Both processes tend to become worse with age but luckily they can be slowed down and even reversed.

Learning which foods and drinks make your teeth yellow is a great start of your teeth whitening journey.

Is too much whitening bad for your teeth?

Just like with most things, you can overdo it especially if you overuse popular at-home teeth whitening substances: baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Signs that you’ve gone over the top with whitening are sensitive teeth, a chalky look of your enamel, and white spots on your teeth.


The best way to ensure you don’t damage your teeth with your whitening efforts is to use professional whitening products that don’t affect tooth sensitivity, are developed by oral care professionals, and are completely safe to use.